Cash Value Policy

The Cash Value Policy provides coverage based on the actual cash value of the property and/or personal property you wish to insure.

Optional deductibles and payment schedules are available.


Residential Property

Farm / Farmhouse

Farmers who need coverage on their farmhouse, barns, outbuildings, farm machinery and/or tools used on their farm, and Farmer's Comprehensive Personal Liability.

Rental Property

Landlords in need of coverage for rented mobile homes, single and/or multi-family structures, or apartment buildings.

Mobile Homes

Those who reside in Single or Doublewide Mobile Homes.


Storage Buildings

Those who own parcels of land other than their residences, which have outbuildings or storage buildings.


Commercial Buildings / Churches

Owners of commercial or church buildings. Personal Property coverage is available as well. (No Liability coverage is available for commercial or church buildings.)


Personal Property

Renters who need Personal Property coverage only and/or Personal Liability coverage.