Farm Properties

 Although we do not directly have a farm property policy, we can enhance many of our policies with endorsments to meet farmers' needs. Whether you reside at for farmed property or operate it from afar, we most likley have a solution to meet your needs.

Please call one of our agents at (859) 635-2500 and we will do our best to find the product that best fits your needs.

Available Endorsements by Insurance Product

MHO2 Homeowners or MBO2 Mobile Homeowners Policy

Vacant Property (with or without a Dwelling)

Non-Dwelling Contents Only (Farmland Renter's)

Rental Property (Single Dwelling or Mobile Home)


Insurance, coverages, discounts and settlement types are subject to terms and conditions Some exclusions and/or restrictions may apply. Discounts amounts will vary by coverages and exclusions. Policy issuance is subject to application acceptance based upon qualifications. Coverage and policy details are subject to change.